Yu Liu, 2012 John H. Cowart Scholarship

About Us

Dr. Gerald D. Gay
Interim Chair, Department of Real Estate

The Department of Real Estate at Georgia State University within the J. Mack Robinson College of Business prepares professionals to deal in land assets as investors, brokers, appraisers, analysts, financiers or developers. Such dealings require substantial awareness of the community’s political and economic characteristics plus a thorough knowledge of the economics involved in each investment situation, and our programs help you gain that knowledge and understanding. The department is one of the largest real estate units in the country. We have more real estate faculty, courses, degrees and programs than any other college of business.


The curriculum in real estate is designed to provide the student with an understanding of:

  • the various phases of real estate activity
  • the economic and social services relating to land use that are performed by individuals and institutions
  • the forms of business and professional services necessary to support real estate activity


The Department of Real Estate’s full-time faculty members collectively represent a diverse range of backgrounds and field experiences. The department also draws on a highly qualified pool of part-time and visiting instructors. We place a traditional emphasis on teaching and offer broad-based curriculum.

The Real Estate Investment Advisory Council (REIAC)

REIAC logoThe Real Estate Investment Advisory Council (REIAC) is a national non-profit organization, established to provide a forum for the open exchange of ideas, concerns and experiences between those who conduct commercial real estate transactions. REIAC comprises real estate owners and senior executives from institutions and real estate investment firms who, acting as principals, are primarily engaged in the areas of equity transactions and debt origination.

The Southeast Regional Chapter of REIAC has a partnership with Robinson’s Department of Real Estate and its Real Estate Alumni Group. The department and REIAC co-present several major events each year open to GSU and professional real estate communities.