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Faculty Spotlight: “Brick by Brick”

Karen Gibler, Associate Professor

Ph.D. Georgia State University; MBA, East Texas State University
MS, University of Tennessee; BA, Murray State University

Karen Gibler

Karen Gibler gets excited in her classes on real estate when she sees students grasp a difficult concept or when they realize the reasons behind what is happening in the market. She helps students learn to think for themselves by giving basics and concepts, then guiding them through examples and questions to find their own answers. Specifically, students in Gibler’s classes learn processes and methodologies to solve real estate problems — for example, how to apply a market analysis template to any type of property in any location or how to construct an income property cash flow statement and adjust inputs for different market assumptions.

Gibler’s research focuses on the application of consumer behavior theories to real estate as well as corporate real estate management. Her most significant research accomplishments are increasing awareness and understanding of problems that aging residents experience in traditional housing and publicizing the need to develop a range of housing products to satisfy preferences and needs of aging populations. Her articles have appeared in scholarly publications, including
Journal of Property Research, Journal of Consumer Affairs, Housing Policy Debate, Financial Services Review, Journal of Real Estate Research, Journal of Property Investment and Finance, Real Estate Economics, and International Real Estate Review. She has been invited to work on research teams in Finland, Spain, and South Korea.

An active member of the American Real Estate Society, Gibler serves on the board of directors of the International Real Estate Society. She also holds the key to the city where she grew up.