Academic Programs


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Our undergraduate program introduces students to the wide array of knowledge necessary to function in jobs, or in career paths, that are associated with real estate.

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Georgia State University

Undergraduate Minor in Real Estate

Alexis Shepherd, 2011 Dexter & Karen Warrior Scholarship
Students obtaining an undergraduate degree at GSU may be able to obtain a minor in Real Estate. The minor gives students exposure to the core areas of real estate principles, finance, investment and development.


Master of Science (MS) in Real Estate

Robert White, 2012 Mrs. Tommie Jackson Scholarship
Our graduate program features an M.S.R.E. as its core graduate degree, offering students a specialized program that taps the full dimensionality of knowledge necessary to function in entrepreneurial and leadership positions in the dynamic real estate industry.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Major in Real Estate

Labat Yancey, 2012 Josephine J. Isakson Scholarship
For students with a strong interest in real estate, but with less of a need to master the full depth of the discipline, the department also offers a real estate major within the broader MBA program.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Concentration in Real Estate

Alex Cannon, 2011 E. A. Isakson Scholarship
Students can also minor in real estate, complementing their general MBA. The Concentration in Real Estate introductes MBAs to the major elements of the overall real estate discipline providing students with a general familiarity with real estate concepts.
The Concentration in Hotel Real Estate introduces the major elements of the lodging industry from a real estate perspective. It is designed for students who desire a broad-based curriculum in business with an emphasis in hotel realty.


Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Real Estate is designed to prepare students for an academic career in real estate, blending a solid understanding of real estate fundamentals and theory, with research skills necessary to provide industry leadership that helps advance the discipline in a meaningful way.

Non-Degree Program in Real Estate

Certificate in Real Estate

Certificate in Real Estate
For non-degree seeking students who are interested in the subject matter more than in a degree, a Certificate in Real Estate offers a formal introduction to the overall real estate process.