Certificate in Real Estate

Certificate in Real Estate

New applicants are not currently being accepted to this program. Students interested in obtaining graduate education in Real Estate should consider enrolling in the Master of Science (MS) in Real Estate program.

The Certificate program is intended for non-degree seeking students who are interested in the subject matter more than in a degree. A Certificate in Real Estate offers a formal introduction to the overall real estate process.

All Graduate Certificate in Real Estate students will complete the Business Communication Skills Requirement. The regulations, policies and procedures given in the “Master’s Programs” and “Master of Science” sections of the graduate catalog apply to the C.R.E. program. The time limit for completing the certificate program is two calendar years. The program requires 18 semester hours of course work. A maximum of nine hours of transfer credit is permitted in this program. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required.

Program Requirements (Total 18 semester hours required)

Visit the Graduate Catalog for a complete list of program and course requirements for the Real Estate Certificate program.

Required Courses

  • RE 8000 Real Estate Concepts and Practices (3)
    This course can be replaced in the program by another 8000-level real estate course with permission from the program coordinator. Replacement with a substitute course will be evaluated based on previous course work and experience.

Elective Courses

Choose 5 electives. The student can select any 8000-level course from the real estate curriculum for the program. The following courses are recommended as electives:

  • RE 8020 Real Estate Investment Analysis (3)
  • RE 8030 Real Estate Financing (3)
  • RE 8040 Legal and Regulatory Environment of Real Estate (3)
  • RE 8050 Real Estate Development (3)
  • RE 8060 Applied Real Estate Market Analysis (3)
  • RE 8100 Strategic Management of Real Property in a Corporate Environment (3)
  • RE 8410 Real Estate Appraisal Theory and Practice (3)

Each student may petition the coordinator of the certificate program to substitute up to nine semester hours of course work from other departments or programs as electives in the C.R.E. program. These courses must have relevance for a real estate education.