Alex Cannon, 2011 E. A. Isakson Scholarship

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Concentration in Real Estate

The Concentration in Real Estate introduces MBAs to the major elements of the real estate discipline. Rather than preparing students to function in real estate as a chosen career path, the concentration is designed to provide students with a general familiarity with real estate concepts that can be drawn on in real estate-related disciplines.

The MBA program in the Robinson College of Business is designed for individuals with work experience who aspire to organizational or entrepreneurial leadership positions. The primary objectives of the program are for students to develop and integrate: 1) analytical skills for decision-making that incorporates global, ethical and culturally diverse dimensions, 2) skills in assessing organizational performance and developing approaches for improvement, 3) leadership skills, and 4) interpersonal skills that contribute to teamwork. The MBA Concentration in Real Estate is intended to provide greater specialization in real estate. Within the various courses in the MBA, e-commerce and technology are integrated where appropriate.

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Program Requirements (Total 39-60 semester hours)

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  • Foundation Courses (0-6 semester hours depending on previous coursework)
  • Cornerstone Core Course (3-9 semester hours)
  • Functional Core Courses (12 semester hours)
  • Capstone Core Courses (6 semester hours)

Real Estate Concentration (12 semester hours)

Required Courses

  • RE 8020  Real Estate Equity Investments (3)
  • RE 8100  Strategic Management  of Real Property in a Corporate Environment (3)

Elective Courses

(select two courses from among any other 8000-level real estate courses)

  • Students must receive approval of a program of study from their faculty advisor and the Office of Graduate Recruiting and Student Services to finalize their actual requirements.