Alexis Shepherd, 2011 Dexter & Karen Warrior Scholarship

Undergraduate Minor in Real Estate

The undergraduate minor is designed to provide core knowledge about the real estate field. Students learn about investment and financial analysis, economics relating to land development, and general legal and business principles applied to real estate.

Requirements for Minor in Real Estate

Students who wish to minor in Real Estate must take at least 15 hours in Real Estate including the following courses:

  • RE 3010: Real Estate Principles
  • RE 4050: Real Estate Development
  • RE 4150: Real Estate Finance and Mortgage Banking
  • two Real Estate prefix course offered at the 4000 level

A grade of C- or higher is required in all courses counted toward the minor. A 2.5 GSU GPA is required for all courses counted in the minor. Prerequisites for courses are required unless consent of the instructor is given.